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My Coop
My Coop
Hello all!

I am just getting starting raising chickens in my Colorado Springs backyard. I am having my wonderful carpenter husband build me a coop this summer. I have been doing some research, and have a coop design in mind. (the much admired Wichita Coop comes to mind) The winters here are cold, but mostly dry. The summer are hot and extra dry. The coop would have one side up against a 6 ft wood fence and be partially shaded by a plum tree. The whole yard is fenced as well, so the ladies will be able to forage a little on nice days. I have two dogs, but they will not be out at the same time. I raised chickens when I was young in Iowa, but they were your typical meat broilers, not egg layers. I am raising chickens for the eggs, and when they stop laying and get older, for dinner. I don't want to seem callous, but I grew up on a farm and that was part of life. Maybe that will change if I become attached to them. :)

My question is one about chicken breeds. I am in an urban setting, so no roosters, and no more than 10 hens. I need a breed that is calm and fairly docile, (I can't have them flying all over the neighborhood) dual-purpose, and keep the broodiness to a minimum. I can only have 4-6 at one time, and with no roosters, I can't really get into the baby chick hatching business. Quietness is also a plus. My one neighbor is actually pretty excited, but my other one I'm not so sure about. But, if he can have 15 vehicles and leave them parked all over the neighborhood, I can have some chickens, dang it!

I've been looking at the following:
Barred or White or Partridge Rock
Golden Buffs/Star/Sex-link

I would like to have a mix of breeds, they don't all have to be the same.

What do you all suggest?
great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center
People seem to be very high on Black Australorps , also the sex links . I really don't know which breeds would be docile, quiet and NOT prone to broodiness. I sure the next ones to reply will give you more suggestions.

Welcome to BYC!

I am a huge fan of the Black Australorps. They are very docile, friendly, a great dual purpose birds for meat and eggs, and they are very cold hardy too. My girls are huge lap babies and I just can't sit anywhere without a Black Australorp on my lap! My BA's are 3 years old this year and they are still laying nearly every day. The Buff Orpingtons are just as great for these attributes as well.

Here is a couple nice breeds pages that gives some quick info on the attributes on each breed....



Good luck with your new adventure and welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You got some good links above comparing different breeds. In your situation, since you are willing to replace birds and want high egg production, I would consider maybe just going with a couple of colors of sex links if you want variety, maybe Reds and Blacks and Ambers, there are Leghorn crosses but they maybe a little more active than you want... and maybe toss in a hatchery Easter Egger for colored eggs.

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