Hello :) from Florida please help just lost 2 of my little girls and have one left .

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    Oct 19, 2013
    Hi Every One :) I got my girls around a year an a half ago... 4 of them Pecky , Sea Hawk, simone de beauvoir, and tina ... My girls like all the other members of our family are not LIVE STOCK not PETS not FOOD they are our babies and our animal companions, I don't eat meat and I learned to respect and value all life thanks to observing them and my other babies..We had to give Tina in adoption since she made a lot of noise and we live in the city, It wasn't easy since this is a forever home..... Every thing was going well considering our lack of experience and the fact that we were getting them the best food and giving them Diatomaceous earth and putting it in their coop and feathers , also we spoiled them with fresh organic kale and vegetables and occasional watermelon which they loved . A month ago a raccoon got a hold of one of my babies and almost ate her , Pecky was recovering inside and the other 2 girls in the coop, I notice around 10 days ago that my sea hawk was walking funny, took her home and check her, came to this site and find out to my worry that she had a respiratory disease and Since I was home alone and my other half on a trip I couldn't afford to take her to the vet that late and have no car, while waiting for my bf to get back a day later I tried to do as much as I could find of safe guidance online....but I lost her next day :( I was devastated, and concern about simone which seems ok....I took her inside for observation away from my other chicken as precaution, next day I checked her since she was slower than normally and noticed no hard sound on her breathing which made me happy but she was so slow and no eating when checking her body I notice 2 huge bumps on her rump and red, I freaked out and find out she had huge hole full of maggots :( on it.... I took her to the vet but was to late for her and we let her go.... :( ...
    Now I'm over protective with pecky she looks fine but is pecking her feathers a lot ans some sort of dandruff white pieaces fall ? what is it ? is he her skin? is she ok? PLEASE help I'm very worry :( and can't afford more doctors I just came back from hospital too. TYVM for your help.
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    Sometimes when new feathers grow they are incased in a kind of white shaft. The shaft falls off and the Feather is present. Could it possibly be the Feather shafts that your seeing? If you could post a picture of the substance that's concerning you perhaps we can identity it? Maybe post a pic of your bird and that white substance? Then someone can identify it easier. I want to say I'm so sorry for your losses! My birds are my pets too and I just went through a devastating illness in my own flock and lost all but one bird. I'm so greatful to God I have her. I'm also very over protective of her so I can completely understand how you feel! After you post some pictures I'm certain you will get the answers your looking for. But without pictures its kind of hard to guess what white substance your referring to. Welcome to this forum! So glad your here. I hope you find it fun and educational. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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