Hello from Georgetown, IL!


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Oct 28, 2010
Hi all, I've asked a few questions on here and everyone has been very helpful. I show a little and enjoy hatching and seeing how the chicks turn out. I have some really nice Silver Penciled Rock bantams that I started from eggs. I'm usually the only one with them at the shows, they must be rare. I also have Barred rock bantams and this year I bought some Rosecombs and Seramas. I've had chickens off and on probably 20 years. I also show appaloosas and we bought some mini herefords this year to start a small herd. My husband has boer goats also, a menagerie at our farm! I am a graphic designer and I work full time as one and do artwork on the side. I have a Facebook page for my graphics called Spot Graphics. I can't figure out how to insert the link to the page here so I will just paste the URL. https://www.facebook.com/pages/SpOt-GrApHiCs/426918680659507 I have several different chicken decals that I can make along with your farm name or I can make signs and banners. Check it out! I have learned a lot from this forum, with any type of livestock, you can never learn enough! Nice to meet you all



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Jun 28, 2011
Hi Janet, welcome to BYC!

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