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Sep 9, 2013
killeen tx
Hi all. I bought four hens from the cove feed store and 5 months later one turns out to be a roo. I am a complete noob but my chickens seems to be heathy and learning to eat free range foods. The dogs get along with them now and my biggest problem is chicken putty on the back patio as they hang out there lots. I now need to get rid of this roo and the kids are adamant about me not eating him. I am ancious for my first egg. I need one more hen to achieve my desired egg production but am at a loss as to how I can find a near laying hen. I keep my girls in a large dog run on the side of the house but I let em come and go most of the time since my biggest fear is ca ts and they know better to come in my yard.
Welcome to BYC! My local feed store will buy back unwanted cockerels, good luck to you.

The one in cove took it back but would not give me anything for it even a credit. In fact they were pretty rude about it but I had to get rid of him quick since he was crowing quite boistrously.

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