Hello from Massachusetts! Breed advice requested.


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My daughter, age 12, has loved ALL birds for many years and I finally bought her a coop for Christmas this year...plus books on raising backyard chickens. We're so excited to get chicks this spring!! BUT we need help choosing a breed of chicken. Ideally we're looking for a breed that is (1) winter hardy -- although we do plan to add electricity/heat to the coop; (2) since my daughter also loves--dare I say it--birds of prey, it would be great to get a chicken that looks like a hawk if possible -- her friend used to have one; (3) one that is docile, easily held and people-friendly (4) a fair to good egg layer. Any help would be appreciated!!
Welcome to byc. I'm Rebecca I own some black australorps and there breed is a great layer (I haven't gotten any eggs yet cause mine are still young) I have two hens and a rooster of this breed. They some times look.like crows but not a hawk. They are very docile my rooster is sweeter then my hens but that's just because I hold him and lot and he follows me like a pet. They are very good in cold winter. Hope this helps
Hi Rebecca! I love this forum already--thanks for the advice, I'll tell my daughter about black australorps and see what she thinks. I love the fact that they follow you around like Mommy!
We have room for only 4 adult chickens, but have a large fenced yard which will be great for them!! I just hope my Great Dane likes them--she is very sweet and doesn't bother the wild turkeys that occasionally appear in our yard--she doesn't know what to make of them--LOL!
from Long Island!
I hope you guys find what you want, but if you get any help at all, it will be here!

If you like, there is a show in W Springfield next month, Jan 14-15 at the Big E
You can see all the different breeds, and get to meet alot of chicken people.
I will be working the BYC table, alot of us will be there hanging!
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Alot of people say their easter eggers can tend to look hawk-like...I have actually heard a couple people name their EEs Hawk because of this. They are pretty winter hardy I think (Texans think 32 degrees is cold though
) they have a nice small pea comb which helps with the cold, and best of all, they lay all kinds of really pretty egg colors, and really pretty and unique bird colors too!
Wow--thanks Roberta!!! My daughter Julia said she'd love to go to the Northeastern Poultry Show at the Big E. Ahhh...why do they call it a Congress?! (Do they pass "bills"? OK, no "corny" jokes allowed!)
Thanks for the great tip--we'll be sure to drop by the BYC table and introduce ourselves. We'll be the ones wanting to take all of the cute ones home!!
Agree with Easter Egger, and if you want a friendly bird you should be around the chicks a lot and pick them up so they get used to it.
When they get bigger try feeding them out of your hands a little. Then they will be your best friend!

Good Luck!
To: kari_dawn and CheerioLounge:
Thanks to both of you for the valuable EE suggestion. Winter-hardy is key. Coincidentally, my daughter's friend DID nick-name her chicken "Hawk"...unfortunately it must have been bad karma since it was taken by one this summer, never to be seen again, so sad. They forgot which breed it was, but Easter Eggers MAY be the one. I just checked on-line, wow, gorgeous birds. The eggs look incredible--too beautiful to eat!

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