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Jun 10, 2010
Hi there! My name is Kedreeva and I'm in south east Michigan. A friend of mine recently purchased an expanse of farm land with a friend and thus far it's been largely a pitch-in from all her friends to getting the farm into working order! The house was practically condemned and the barns were... well, decrepit. But it's been months now and the place is nearly able to be lived in full time and the barn is up and running. She ordered some meat chickens straight away and put them into the first 'coop' she made and then ordered a mix of straight run chickens (mix of barred rocks, rhode island red, isa brown mixes, etc) to get some egg layers.

Then I told her about the wonderful world of bird swaps here in Michigan. She gave me a list and away I went, looking for polish chickens, a goat, and a pair of peacocks. She amended the list to say 'if you see anything REALLY cool.... well, I guess it can come live here too." We ended up with a pygmy goat named Sunshine, an India Blue peacock named Malik, and two breeding pairs of polish chickens, one buff and one blue.

Of course her first idea was to hatch out some chickens from the breeding pairs and see what we got. Since she's still moving between the farm and her in-town home (which they're going to sell), the duty of hatching eggs fell to me and I couldn't be happier! My first hatch was in May, for three little polish- one buff, one bearded buff (or at least he's got a giant beard of fluff at the moment, neither of his parents were bearded) and a little silver one we are not sure what color it will be.

Now I am on my second hatch, and I've got a mix of polish eggs and two groups of duck eggs from a different friend who was having trouble hatching them in her incubator and wanted me to try. I will also be getting a few peafowl eggs in a day or two, to try and hatch a friend for Malik. He is already a year old, and we wanted a hand-hatched hen one to keep his eyes from wandering to other farms. They will be my first ever shipped-to hatch, so I'm hoping it goes well despite the horror stories concerning shipped eggs.

Anyway, this site has been tremendous help to me so far in my adventures, and I look forward to coming back again and again! And if you can ignore my frizzy hair from a day out at a very long bird swap, here's some pictures!


This is Malik, after getting his wings clipped so he could go into the outdoor coop- he'd been whining about it since we got him a couple weeks ago. He was very indignant about being held.


And here's 2 from my first hatch of 3- Megatron on the left (so named because he was the dark chick of the hatch, and didn't want to share the brooder) and Fox- theories abound as to whether I named him Fox after Megan Fox or Fox after Starfox or just Fox so there's a Fox in the hen-house! (and if anyone can take a look at Fox and tell me... think he'll have a beard? We called him our old man chicken, I hope he keeps it.)



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Hi Ked!
I see you are addicted to chickens like the rest of us and it is a good thing!! Come join us on the MI thread too!! You will love it here on BYC, it is awesome!!


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Hello!! And
I am in just north of Detroit and have family in Monroe, so I can't imagine you're too far!
Let me know if there is anything you need!

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