Hello from Mississippi


Oct 11, 2018
Poplarville, Ms
  1. My name is Kayla and i just started my chicken journey. So far I have hatched a few beautiful batches of Svart Höna, BBS Ameraucanas, BBS Marans, Araucanas and seramas. I'm putting Shamo, OEGB and Bielefelder in lockdown tonight. *fingers crossed*
  2. I found BYC doing research on the Araucana.
  3. I don't have many hobbies that dont involve the chickens. Im raising mealworms and growing/maintaining fodder in my down time and teaching the boys to be chicken farmers. I started studying to be a personal trainer so that i could afford a hobby farm... then i realized that i didnt like people that much and id rather my farm be my occupation.

    (7) Bonus: ive known of BYC for some years now, but was finally propelled to join by the halloween hatch post!
Wow, so awesome that you're hatching your own chicks-- amazing varieties too!!
Funny, my husband (of 11 years) and I don't like people that much either... we always joke it's a wonder that we even met and liked each other enough to get married.

Enjoy your time here and have fun! Best wishes in your new chicken journey!

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