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Jun 1, 2012
Crandall, Ga
Hello all,
New to keeping chickens. Been looking around BYC and am really enjoying the wealth of information availble. I'm in the process of turning an old 8'x8' storage building into a coop with a 8'x18' run and the pics of everybodies coops, nesting boxes, feeders, etc are really helpful. Hope to be ready for some new birds here within a week or two. Going to try and get 5 hens & and a rooster to start things off. Right now I'm leaning towards getting some Orpingtons, but who knows.
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Ga Chicken Mom

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Jul 24, 2007
Welcome to BYC. We are also in NW Ga. Orpingtons are my favorite, really sweet chickens, great egg layers and good during our winters. Just keep an eye on them during the summer as the weather can be hot for them. If you decide on Orps, during the summer provide lots of cool, fresh water; plenty of shade and mist them if they are panting. I also give my adult girls cold watermelon for a treat when it's really hot.

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