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    Jun 17, 2016
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    Hello and good day to everyone from our family to yours. My name is Tiffany. I'm a mother of 2 children (girl 7 yrs & boy 17mo old), dog owner (Ruby-Black lab/PitBull mix), cat owner (LaLa -unsure of breed but has 6 toes on each front paw [​IMG], pretty neat), homemaker & now egg rancher.
    Sorry for the late introduction, just been busy getting my family's egg ranch going [​IMG]. Super excited about it too. When we first started off three years ago, that Winter took out our entire flock of 9 except for 2 hens (Toast-Leghorn & Comet-Black Sexlink), which we still currently have. Of course I was completely bummed but determined to have a family egg ranch. So when April came of last year, we bought 6 more chickens (King-Americana rooster, WhoWho & Skitch-Americana hens, Fluff & Puff-Buff Brahma hens, and Star-Black Sexlink hen), which we currently have as well. So as the year went on into Winter, I had my fingers crossed that we wouldn't lose any of the new flock or even what's left of the last one. Well Winter came and we didn't lose any [​IMG]. I was so thrilled & tickled, because that meant more than just 2 eggs a day. So my birthday is in March and my Mom asked me what I wanted this year for my birthday. My reply was baby ducks (odd gift I guess for someone to ask for right LOL). My Mom laughed and said okay with a smile, we will get them this weekend. Birthday gift was 7 Peking ducklings, which turned out to be (Ace,Duke,&Loui-drakes and Lily, Daziy, Suzie & Lucy-hens). Since my birthday gifts, I have slowly been building up my ranch [​IMG]. I also have bought 4 more Americana hens, Silver Laced Wyandotte hen, 2 Buff Orpington hens, 2 ISA hens, 5 Snowy ducklings(sexes unknown) 2 Peking drakes (rehomed to us), 1 Americana rooster (rehomed to us), 1 Moskovery duck-drake and 4 Swedish ducks (1-drake&3hens rehomed to us). All of our birds are free range on 3+ acres of land, but do have access to coops (chicken & duck), which is in a pinned on area right behind our house and get locked in at night til morning. They also have access to a manmade pond done mostly by my wonderful husband with a little help from myself [​IMG]. It's two ponds at opposite ends that are connected by a channel (which the ducks totally love) and has a waterfall in one of the ponds. Eventually we will plant flowers by the pond area, mostly by the waterfall but it's a working progress for sure. I will have to take pictures and share with everyone our family's ranch. I'm not sure if I'm leaving anything out.
    Well I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe day.
    God Bless [​IMG]

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