Hello From OHIO!!!


In the Brooder
11 Years
Jul 17, 2008
kenton, Ohio
well I am a 12 year old girl named Taylor, I live in NW OH.
I raise multiple breeds in chickens Ducks and rabbits.
In Chickens I raise Blue red OEGBs,Serama,white Leghorns,Buff Silkies,Mille Fluer d'Uccle, and hopefully 4 amerucana chicks in the brooder.
In Ducks I raise Wild Flying Mallard, and Chocolate Call ducks.
IN rabbits I raise Mini Rex,DUtch,Dwarf Hotot.
I am new to chickens this is only my 2nd year raiseing them and first year showing for 4h.I have lots of questions coserning chickens and water fowl. So Get ready. lol I think that with however many members we have I can get a lot of well reasoned answers. Thanks:D


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