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    I've jumped in with both feet - got the chicken bug fast. [​IMG] I have 6 RIR/2 Roos and 4 Hens (ready to nest) and 9 (Think have 1 roo/8 Hens) Olive Eggers (what I've been told...will post pics and questions about that later). I'm trying to get my modified shed/coop ready for winter. My lovelies have free ranged all summer and have a summer coop they've enjoy and allowed me to "learn-along-the-way"...however, winter is much more serious a matter for me; especially them. Winters are VERY unpredictable here. This last season we had a horrible blizzard. I am modifing my shed into a winter coop. There are no windows, the door faces West, the roof is not sealed - the rafters 'lift' the roof (sorry, not sure on terminology) which puts the wind NORTH/SOUTH flow through the roof (I'll have pics tomorrow). I'm insulating the walls, but not sure what to do about the roof, ventilation and lack of natural light. I've thought about sealing and insultaing the rafters and putting vents on the EAST/WEST up high for ventilation. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    There is a coop and run section on the forum where you can get tips and ideas for improving your coop. There is also a section on breeds where you can ask questions.
    Lots of lovely chicken people here to help you!
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    Thank you....it is ok then to repost my question under a different forum?
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    No problem.[​IMG]
    Go to the coop section, for example, put in a description of your coop, explain what you need to do and see what the members suggest. The sticky's on top of the lists are very informative. I've very recently started using an incubator and I learned loads just from reading the sticky!
    You won't be able to post pics until you're a bit less "new", after about 15-20 posts, so look around a bit, chat to us and send your pics when you're ready.
    See you round the forum [​IMG]
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    Thanks again...still trying to find my way around BYC. Have never subscribed to any type of forum/chat, etc. Appreciate the pointers...
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    Sorry I can't give you advice on the coop (I'm so bad at all this building stuff! [​IMG])
    You're going to love this forum [​IMG] It's pretty good.
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    You wanna know about chickeny stuff? You found the right place.
    Welcome to BYC!
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    [​IMG] & [​IMG] from Louisiana!!
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    Welcome! I am from Tulsa!

    You do want to make sure you leave ventilation. I know it sounds crazy, but important.

    My girls did much better during the blizzard than the heat. They were running around in the snow. I gave them a lot of scratch which helped.

    The biggest problem for me was breaking up the ice in the waterer. If you can afford a heated water bowl, you may want that. Will save you a lot of work this winter.
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    [​IMG] from the Finger Lakes of New York! Just like a cold swimming pool, jumping in is the best way! [​IMG]

    (Maybe not the smartest, but this isn't Mensa, right?) [​IMG]

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