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Sep 4, 2013
I am a new chicken owner. I researched and read and thought it would be much easier than its turning out to be. Funny enough with every question I would google, the answer I would click on ALWAYS turned out to be on this site. So here I am. :) I love my chickens, most of which are turning out to be roosters! So now I get to decide what to do with them. From now on will purchase hens that are already laying. I have 3 Delawares (2 roosters confirmed), 1 black Orpington, 5 bantam Frizzle Silkies (2 roosters confirmed) I want to have at least 10 laying hens eventually. How many roosters? My favorite is a silkie rooster. If I keep him can I keep 2 roosters? He is so small.
Welcome to BYC. I find that 1 roo is plenty for 10 hens. If you want to keep more than one you may have to keep them separate. They may fight over the hens. Depending on the individual roosters you may not.
I agree
Welcome to BYC. :) You will love this site and learn so much, there are some amazing folks here with a lot of knowledge. I know what you mean about chicken keeping not being as easy as you thought :/
When I first started 5 of my 7 chicks were Roos and all had to go....can't have them where I live. :( And I had coccidiosis in the first 24 hours of getting my chicks. :(
I have had zillions of problems from injuries, parasites, illness and can always find help here. And despite the trials and tribulations I still feel that keeping this flock has been one of the best things I've ever done. The peace and happiness they have brought to me has far outweighed the challenges.
Best of luck to you and your flock! :D

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