Hello from Ransomville NY


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Hi.....new member. We have 6 chickens and 6 ducks and we are enjoying them immensely ! Just brought the ducks outside today to enjoy the springtime sun and warm weather. They are having fun discovering their new surroundings . I do have a question.....where I am putting their permanent enclosure is currently mostly dirt. I would like to plant grass there to prevent it from becoming a mud pit. We hope to get the enclosure built and ready within a week. Should I plant grass seed?
Greetings from Kansas, ckelly0401, and
! Great to have you in our community! I hate to be a damper on your yard plans but either ducks or chickens will destroy whatever grass you plant. Chickens will scratch it up. Ducks will flood it with their water and bore holes with their bills. In fact ducks are so bad I have put gravel around their water to prevent the aforementioned boring. Sorry - not sure there is a good solution here. I know some people with lots of room will rotate the birds from one pen to another - allowing the fallowed pasture to regrow. Good luck to you!!
Ok...thank you. I think we will try using some straw in spots...it is also a little hgiher ground than the rest of the yard so hopefully that will be good drainage.

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