Hello from Rindle Ridge Farm!


7 Years
Sep 10, 2012
Hi there!

How's everyone doing tonight? I'm doing great.

Just a little introduction, I'm Typhani and I run Rindle Ridge Farm here in lovely Massachusetts and we're always up for meeting new chicken people! Currently we have a little poultry farm - currently we're working with Seramas, Gold Brabanters, Silver Gray Dorkings, Heritage RIR, Silver Penciled Rocks, Black and Copper Marans, Cream Legbars, and soon will be trying Barnevelders and Marraduna Basques. (And we have some other breeds mixed into our eating egg flock.)

We're BIG fans of rotational pastures and keeping our chickens on green ground during the warmer months. We also love taking photos! Here's a few I took recently. :)

Oh for pity's sake.... I meant to post this under the right username Rindle Ridge Farm... I had completely forgotten I had this other account. SIIIIGH.
Hi Typhani and welcome to BYC! Those are great pictures! All the birds are so pretty! Thanks for joining us!

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