Hello from Somewhere in North TX


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8 Years
May 27, 2011
I won't say eggsactly where, though, cuz there may be spies from my HOA lurking
We have 2 lovely ladies and 1 suspected gentleman pecking about in our side yard. They are about 11 wks old. They are allegedly EEs, but one golden hen looks so different! Hmmm.... They do love to fly, hence the screen name. Every morning they flap all around, and like landing on top of each other. The golden hen flew over the 6 ft. fence yesterday after an unfortunate encounter with our dog.

I've been enjoying reading the boards and have learned a lot here.

Now I'm ready to ask a question. I'm going to post a few pics on the gender board today. We've been suspicious of one of our 3 "pullets" since we brought s/he home 5 wks ago. We've been in denial. I think it's time to accept reality.... Wah! Cuz he's so darn pretty!

Looking forward to spending more time here.

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