Hello from South Carolina...


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8 Years
Jan 11, 2012
Not really used to doing Intro thread lol... But I love this forum, just found it yesterday...... You have probably seen me posting a bit, then I saw this forum..

I live in South Carolina, but from Indiana. Grew up on a farm with chickens, hogs, cows, horses, sheep:) and now just have chickens...

Have 25 RIRs for egg-laying (my wifes)
4 Barred Rocks
2 Austrolorps (sp?)
2 Yellow ones (I really dont rem what breed they are at the moment, lol the name slipped my mind haha)

Anyways I am a former Marine who loves Chickens, Baseball, and hanging out with my family:) ANything Farming is fit for me.
from Ohio

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