Hello from Tennessee ~


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Saying my hello... just joined up even though I have been reading and searching BYC for quite a long time.

We have had chickens for quite a few years... went through a period a couple of years ago where various kinds of predators got all of our chicks but 3... so we gave them to some family to keep until we decided what to do... a few years later ( and after having to buy white store bought eggs
for so looong ) we decided to get some more hens.

Right now we have 5 Buff Orphington hens 1 Buff Rooster, 2 Golden Comets and 1 "old" girl a Black Sexlink ( she is the last surviver from our originals... one foot a little crippled but I just can't do anything with her... just let her take it easy ~

I just had 2 chicks hatch ( only one lived) from 9 eggs which I let a Buff Girl who has been trying to sit forever... I finally felt sorry for her and the time was right so started with 11 eggs. Not a good outcome for the first time, but learned many lessens and she is a GOOD Mama! Actually bought 2 new chicks to add to her since they all didn't hatch and they and her took right to each other.

Gotta problem with my rooster though now so gotta jump over to another forum. See ya around ! :)

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