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Sep 29, 2020
I've had chickens most of my life. We have 60 right now! Many breeds; Barred Rock, Black Giant, Buff Orpington, Dark Cornish, Ameraucana, an more! I enjoy watching 👀 my critter s and treating any problems that they have. We also have Ducks & Geese! I enjoy gardening, Natural Beekeeping, and animals in general. We have 5 children, plus Dogs & Cats. I found BYC while looking for information on nesting boxes. I decided to join when I was looking for information on a Duck with crooked feet, and thought that I might be able to help someone else if they had a problem that I knew something about.

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC. Chat with other BYC members nearby using the links in my signature, below (turn your phone to landscape to see them).

Make yourself at home and enjoy the forums.

Best wishes

Pork Pie

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