Hello from Trempealeau County, WI USA


10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
West Central WI
The eldest son and I are working on his new 4-H Project - Poultry!

We have just young birds as it is our first year:

10 Speckled Sussex from Cackle Hatchery through the local feed store May 11 hatch (starting to look more like chickens)

From Whitmore Farm May 25 hatch (ugly adolescents)
5 Delawares
16 Welsummers
5 Ameraucanas

And 6 Corn/Rock broilers gifted to us through the project from the local industrial chicken producer June 9 hatch (still fuzzy butts)

I grew up on a farm with chickens, but this is the first batch I've had in 30 years. The children are enjoying sitting with them and petting them.

I really like these breeds so far and would like to hear others experience with them.

We are using homemade hoop-wire-tarp shelters surrounded by premier elctrified poultry net for predator protection. I would love to hear from others on their experiences with this set-up, and if there are cheaper alternatives. Also, is running rope or ribbon back and forth from the tops of the poles good for discouraging hawks?

It appears the long-suffering spouse is going to let us keep some over winter (great guy), so the kids and I may be here for a while!
from Hereford AZ!
WOW, I am new to that idea....
we just have the typical LARGE enclosed run/coop..... to avoid our predators.
BYC is the place to get so much advice and thoughts!
from another Wisconsinite. I am south of you, but also by the Mississippi River by Genoa!

I am Mom to 8 BO's, 4 RIR's, 6 BA's, and 6 Wyandottes. Also have 52 Cornish x's, and 11 Mutt bantam chicks. Aren't chickens fun?!!!

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