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Feb 18, 2009
Hello everyone,
I am somewhat new I have been reading over the site for several weeks. I have learned so much from this site , I am so glad I found it. I live in New York about a hour north of Syracuse. We still have several feet of snow!! I am ready for spring. I was given six hens the are about a year old and I am getting five eggs a day, two weeks ago, by a close family friend, and I am in love. My kids love having the chickens also. The kids want to have chickens for show in 4-h, although I am having a hard time finding chickens that would be show quality. I was going to order from McMurry but after reading some of the information on here I dont think I would get show quality from McMurry. After reading the information on the Ameraucana chickens I have decided I want to have a small flock of those, maybe I will show them to. That may have to wait till next year as I am having a hard time finding Ameraucana's. Well thanks for reading I look forward to chatting with all of you!!!
Hello &
from NC
from down state in westchester. As for looking for SQ birds look up the Americana breeding club/association and put up a post here at BYC as well. You will probably be able to find a few and have them shipped. You wont get SQ from the main hatcheries. I got a few Silkies and a beautiful Araucanas roo from 2 great BYC members The silkies may be SQ they certainly come from SQ stock.

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