Hello from us in England.


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Nov 17, 2018
Good Morning to all staff and members of Backyard Chickens.com We have just signed up and we live in Somerset, England.

We started with 4 New Hampshire Reds (now 3 due to an illness) about 3 years ago, in a coop and secure run in the corner of our back garden, the run was turfed and lasted about a week, so (feeling sorry for them) we fenced of a larger run outside of their (secure run) and put a loose net over the open area to deter any other birds. They were happy chucks in their indoor - outdoor area, but the grass and the shrubs and the bean plants were not, it all went within a week. Now they have another extention which runs round the greenhouse and our lawn, which is also void of grass. I refuse to let them have more, but the wife, well ! they would have the run of the place if I gave in.
That is us, we are happy with our girls even though they have more or less given up laying (that's another story), they are now pets and very entertaining ones at that. Looking forward to reading the blogs etc.

Robert & Olwen

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Jan 30, 2015

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Sep 18, 2018
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Hello Robert and Olwen,

Your story sounds familiar. I, too, once had a yard. However, as my hobby of collecting chickens of various breeds (11 at the moment), runner ducks (9) and American Buff geese (2) spiraled out of control, I added coops, runs and lots of fencing.

My flower beds are especially attractive to poultry, and I have yet to find the perfect way to have both birds and blooms. Only the ducks respect garden fencing; the chickens fly over and the geese clumsily trip over it and catch their big feet.

I will never win a landscaping award, but my birds are highly entertaining. And, while some lay and some don't, all are adored members of our family.

It sounds like you will be great additions to BYC. Welcome!


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Jul 23, 2018
Edgewood, KY

Welcome to BYC!​

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