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May 15, 2012
Hello everyone, my first batch of 25 Cornish X chicks arrived today so I feel like I can officially post here :p. I have had chickens in the past but this is my first time doing meat birds. I'm actually a vegetarian but I am not against other people eating meat, especially if the animals involved are raised on good food, plenty of exercise and sunshine and kindness. I decided to try meat birds to earn a little money on the side and to help with farm status. We are just finishing a deluxe coop with a really nice yard that will keep all the new little ones happy once they are a bit bigger.

I came to Backyard Chicken accidentily when I followed in on the thread about fermenting feed which is a subject that I find really interesting. I am currently feeding these new little guys the fermented feed and so far they love it!

I live on a farm on Vancouver Island with my boyfriend, three horses, an excellent farm dog, three rabbits and a cat.

My other hobbies are photography, horses, boating, canoeing, camping etc.

Looking forward to being here!

Hello and welcome to BYC!
Love the avatar!
Hi and :welcome from Ohio. So glad you joined.Good luck with your meat birds. Just keep in mind meat birds are not like other chickens. All they do is eat and poop and grow big fast. I have two weeks left to go and can't wait to be done. I have cleaned their pen 2 times in 6 wks. :th But, they sure are worth it. :drool
Thanks everyone! I am glad to be here. :) Yes, I have noticed that they are quite the poopers ha ha. We wean off the paper towel today so that will be much nicer! We finished our coop so now they are in the large brooder and enjoying the extra space. They are very good at foraging and scratching so far and are already looking at me speculatively wondering if there is anything more interesting on the OUTside of their brooder ha ha. They are growing fast! But seem healthy and in good spirits. I also had no idea that they would make such cool sounds. These guys are very musical.

Thanks again for the welcome.


P.S. The avatar is a friends turkey. It's a pet named Faith. :)
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Hello and :welcome

Glad to have you on board!
Faith is very cute. :p

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

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