Hello from Virginia

Good luck with your chicks! What breeds are you getting?
Welcome Leighton! I'm brooding my first batch of chicks too. :) What breeds did you get? So far the hardest part I've come across is staying away from the little fuzzbuckets long enough to get much else done. lol. It is so much fun watching them grow and their little chickenalities develop.
Welcome to BYC
Best of luck with your chicken adventures!
We will be getting some Cuckoo Marans this week. In 2 weeks we will receive SL Wyandottes, Americana, and Buff Orpington.
Still trying to figure out if I can put the marans with the younger chicks when they arrive.
Wasn't sure about the two week difference. Any info is appreciated.
You could keep chicks of different ages together, no problem. Chicks are seldom aggressive when still so small, curious yes, but they should get along if you have enough space for them all. Just make sure you arrange the brooder heater so that the younger chicks are warm enough, with a cooler spot where the older ones can hang out.

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