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Nov 3, 2018
Bonjour tout le monde,

My wife Janet and I (Don) are missionaries in a West African country that must remain unnamed due to poor security conditions and repeated jihadist activity. We have lived here for almost six years. We are putting some finishing touches on a small, walled mission in the capitol where we distribute baby formula for infants of mothers who cannot breastfeed their child/ren, usually due to their own malnutrition and to orphans or children of an absent mother.

Formula is too expensive for the average person to buy and is a non-sustainable solution. We are still in the planning stage for building our "poulailler" or chicken coop to give women eggs and chickens. We have built a "hangar" or covered slab with a concrete knee wall. We will add nesting boxes, a roosting area, and a common, enclosed area with food and water. The chickens will range free in the almost 6,000 sq. ft. mission with a few small buildings and open ground with trees and plants. I'll post a cad drawing of the planned coop in a future email.

We know zip about chickens other than what I have crammed in reading various books and material on the Internet. Most chickens in our urban setting run free and subsist on whatever they can find. This usually results in small, skinny "poulets bicyclettes" (rubber chickens). We want to produce fatter, healthier chickens.

We have more questions than wisdom and will likely feel our way in this venture. I am sure that we will have many, many questions. Bon journee!

(BTW, the first photo is an unintentional add of one of our composters.)


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