Hello from Western Colorado!


12 Years
Feb 27, 2011
Grand Junction
Hi All! I've poked around on this site before, but signed up this time. I just bought an LG bator since our red bourbon turkeys have started laying (and they cost $11 each last year!)

I've had chickens just for eggs for the past 5 years and just last year we raised 7 turkeys for Thanksgiving and kept a tom and 2 hens. We're likely going to do broilers this year too. We're actually going to try to garden and raise as much as we can to save money but also to get away from stuff they put in our food.
I'm also a first year, first grade teacher and after spring break, we'll be incubating chicks in my classroom too! I'm thinking of either trying to get them local or getting some "cool" ones from an auction on here.
Happy and excited to be here!
WELCOME KATE! I am over here in Western Colorado too! I am up on Glade Park. Not many on here from our area YET! My friend and I are donating eggs to the Little Glade Park School for the kids to incubate. Then they are giving the chicks back to us if there are no other takers. I have SO much fun on BYC.
Kate! I take it the GJ means you're over in Grand Junction? I'm over near metro Denver. Be sure and join us over on the Colorado thread.

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