Hello from Wisconsin


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May 15, 2012
I was reading through some of the older posts lastnight trying to find some answers to my questions (which I did, thanks) and was back on here this morning "just because". so, I figured that maybe I should just join up. :)

My family (Mom, Dad, brother, my daughter and I) has a smallish chicken operation. We started last summer with 50 barred rock chicks we ordered from a hatchery. My daughter had gotten a mixture of 10 adult chickens at an animal swap which she traded her bunnies for. We feed our chickens organic feed and also let them free-range during the day. Then we sell the eggs to the local food co-op/health food store and various people we know. It works out pretty well. With approximatly 47 hens, it can get to be A LOT of eggs in my refrigerator. :)

Currently all we have is roosters, so I got some eggs and am trying my hand at incubating. Had my first chick hatch out yesterday. He pipped on Mothers Day, but finished up yesterday while I was at work. Yeah!

I also just "adopted" 30 guinea keets that I ordered from a different hatchery.
Hello from Alaska! I have family down there in Wisconsin and I am spoiled that every year at Christmas, my Uncle sends me up some cheese curds! YUM!!

You have so many birds! Wow! I am brand new to chickens and only have my 6 girls. Hoping for eggs by the end of August!

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