Hello? Help? I want opinions and guesses!

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9 Years
Nov 8, 2010
North Edwards
7 weeks old now, hatched by a good mommy, although their real mommies won't meet them for awhile. So at 5 weeks I believed this one and another one that looks identical, were pullets. They socialize well and let me pet them, unlike the boys. But their combs and wattles started to grow. And now at 7 weeks I'm praying that they are pullets. We keep the girls and the parents were both dual purpose birds! Dad is a light sussex and mom(s) are barred rocks. Good mutts for us!

This is the boy, I know for sure he is! Look at that red comb and wattle! Same with his brother.


Sorry I couldn't take better pictures of her/him. This waited at the armchair and I was VERY cautious.

*Side note. Her wattle looks a little.. Um greyish red, if you notice. Yesterday they got out of their enclosure and the older pullets were very mean with the pecking order, if I hadn't come there sooner, the older pullets would have pecked right down to the bone. Ever since they caught a mouse they've changed... Anyhow her face is a bit scabbed up.
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your 2nd shot is a roo...I raised a bunch of "pullet" BR, and they all ended up being roos...now I have pullets, and the coloring is different.
I know the second one is a boy, I was using him as a comparison.
Are you absolutely sure my twins are cockerels?? They behave way differently from the boys though! The boys don't like me touching them but the twins don't mind at all!! Could it be their genes?? You know cuz of the sussex and plymouth rock?
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