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Happy Hener

5 Years
Jul 26, 2014
Hello there,
We are just new to BYC and also proud parents to 6 new Girls.

Our family has been researching and planning the arrival of our girls for some time. We have researched and built their coup as best as we could possibly do!

So we picked up our girls yesterday and while settling them in to their new home I noticed one lady is a little different to her other coop mates.
Her top beak is broken & shorter than the bottom and also her tail doesn't flick up like the other girls, it's just flat.
Will these be an issue to her?

We are First timers so not sure... :(
How old are they? Pictures can help. Could the one chicken have had her beak trimmed, as some chickens do to prevent pecking? Or maybe it was injured.

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