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Feb 28, 2010
I live in Utah and I have wanted chickens for... a very long time but I've never been able to have them in my area due to zoning issues until now. After reading the Municipal Code (10-05) in full I'm here to do research and see if keeping chickens is right for me (and the hens) before I jumped into buying any.

I keep reptiles mainly, geckos and snakes specifically. Aside from reptiles I also keep fish, dogs, cats in the past (none now), inverts (roaches, scorps, and Ts), and rodents (not very many, not a huge rodent fan). I also do fine art and love it, and being a security guard pays the bills for all the critters.

I guess that's it. Me in a nutshell.
Well then...
from NJ! You'll learn alot here on this site. Many people on here have all kinds of critters as well including those you have mention. You are in good company.
from WI!

You'll find so much info here it's mind-boggling. I don't think any of us will urge you to not get chickens; in fact, once you start its hard to stop!

edited to add, diggin' the screen name!
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I haven't been here more than an hour and I've already learned a ton.

amyable, thanks, I'm pretty fond of it myself. ;3

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