Hello! I’m new here!


Jun 6, 2020
Hi! I am new here and the page after I signed up said to introduce myself so here I am!

My name is Weird Owl. Okay, so that’s not really my name. That’s what you all will call me, though!

My husband had a flock of chickens years ago before we met but this is my first time having chickens. We got them on March 21st when they were around a week old. We have six chickens. Their names are Chubs, Rose, Lily, Naydene, Louise and Loretta. I have australorps and my husband told me to just go get some chickens and all they had were the six I got so I honestly am unsure if the other breed. I see photos everywhere that look just like them but they never have the breed name! 😂 I’ll post a picture so if anyone has any insight to that, please let me know. The receipt just had a bunch of abbreviations.

My favorite thing so far about the chickens is taking care of them, watching them be silly, listening to them cluck, watching them grow, watching my boys (all four of them, youngest is 4 and my oldest is 18!) react to them, feeding them fruit, watching them flap their wings and fly up a few feet, their little foot scratches, the way they stretch their foot and wing back, the way the run out of their coop when I say “Here chickies, chickies!” (My dad says it’s here bitty bitty but chickie chickie is just what comes out lol) and more. I pretty much love everything about them except for their constant pooping 😂 but pooping means healthy chickens, so I’ll take it!

My daily activities include praying, caring for my boys, my chickens, and our gardens. I am a photographer. I also crochet. I also like being online at times.

I have a husband and four sons. I call my sons my little owls online. My sons are 4, 5, 13 and 18. My husband and I have two boys together and my two older boys are from a precious marriage. My husband is a vegan. I’m actually the only person in the house who eats eggs. When we let our chicks out of their box when we brought them home, I told them that they’re our pets and not our food. I told them that I will eat their eggs but we will not eat them. They seemed to appreciate that. 😉 Our chickens are our only pets. I want a cat, though. And a terrifying (yet gentle) dog to keep the prankster kids off of our property. I am training to be a bus driver. I am also certified to work in the medical world but I am not currently doing that.

I found backyard chickens every single time I googled anything remotely close to chickens. After 12 weeks, I finally decided to join! I love being part of forums so I hope I will eventually add some knowledge, humor and kindness on here but for now I’ll be reading through similar questions that I have and asking questions!

Here is a photo of our gold chickies, so please let me know what breed they are. I felt like such a dumby when my husband as me what breeds they were when I got home and I just looked at him like I was supposed to ask?! 😂🤔


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