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Oct 27, 2018
@SilverFig Can I be of assistance?

Hi. I’m a brand new member and it’s taking a moment or two to figure out the site.

Thanks for your welcome Centrarchid. No help needed, but as you’ve started a thread, let me say thanks.

I’ve read the entire Dominique thread and other threads with great interest. Your breeding efforts with the American Dominique and your Missouri Dominique are amazing/inspiring/intimidating. I’ve learned a a lot and have about a million new questions.

Thanks again.
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May 11, 2018
Western Kentucky
BYC is a wonderful community! Do you currently keep chickens?

Hi @KikiLeigh02 it was quite the thread to read, took me a while, but so much invaluable knowledge to gain from it.

I can’t believe my luck in stumbling across so many people who are very generous in sharing what they have learned.

@007Sean thanks for the warm welcome.

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