Hello I'm new here


Aug 9, 2016
Hi My name is Jess. I have 3 very spoiled house chickens. I know this is a backyard chicken forum. But I figure I can still learn things about chickens even though mine live in the house.
I have a frizzle cochin bantam named Persephone. My second guy is a white crested black polish named chipmunk. Lastly I have my newest addition a little black showgirl named Poe.
I look forward to learning and seeing everyones chicken pictures.


Welcome to BYC! Love your photos! There is at least one forum on house chickens. You can make yourself at home here....
Nice to meet you Michelle. Nothing new about house chickens. My friend has had various breeds for over 25 years. Currently 2 serama hens and one silkie hen.

There is "people with house chickens," thread and also "Show off your house ducks." Plus some of the house ducks are geese.

You have some beautiful birds but, right now I think your bow tie showgirl is the cutest.

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