Hello, members of BackYardChickens, I'm new to the site and I might need some help!

Mahmood Pirazhn

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Sep 23, 2020
So, I have 3 chicks and 2 ducklings, I bought them three days ago and I don't know about their age or gender (Although I think one of my chicks is going to be a rooster!). Let me just say that, I don't have any heat lamps or heat pads, and I couldn't find any shavings in my country (Iraq). But I might try to make the shavings myself with the help of some farmers that I know. And I will try to buy at least a heat lamp. Anyway, they're doing good I take them out for at least 5 hours everyday and they have a variety of food to eat and water is plenty. But I noticed that my chicks are way less energized than my ducklings, they tend to just sleep standing up when they're outside and it's worrying me a lot. If anybody knows why they do that or has anything to say that might help, please do!

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