Hello, My name is Doris from Tennessee, I’m a new chicken owner this year. I’ve got 35 hens and three rooster’s.


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Jul 6, 2022
I am a new to chicken owner. I started with 10 pullets and a young rooster. I ordered my chicks to be hatched on may 1st. So they are two months old now.
How many chickens do you have right now? I have a total of 37 birds now. The breeds I have are one Barnevelder, one Bielefelder puller and a Bieleefelder rooster, black Australorp , Wyandotte’s Copper Mar, br leghorns, buff and light Brahma, golden comets, ISA rooster and hen,Blue rock ,Olive eggers, Partridge Rock, splash jersey giant and production reds. A fancy flock! I find the social aspects of the bird flocks extremely relaxing and fascinating. How they interact with each other. Scuba diving, quilting, gardening and photography are some of my other hobbies? I also have two dogs that love the chickens. As well as two cats and a fish.
I stumbled onto BYC while researching how to take care of chickens. I’ve built a larger coop with my other three coops. Now I have a entire Wild West chicken town. I would love to share some of my insights with others.

Here's a quick link to where to
Here’s images of my chicken town. I’m using solar lights and solar fans. All four coops have different automatic doors. Opening at sunrise and closing at 8:00pm


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