1. M

    chickens in the canal

    so i just found some breeds of chickens and roosters that i found around the canal in the neighborhood in Miami where my dad's house is and i don't know any of them, is it okay that i need to get help to ID these canal and neighborhood dwelling chickens
  2. TheChiggens

    Create Your Own Breed!

  3. TheChiggens

    ~Pro's And Con's Of Feathered Feet~

    What are some Pro/Cons of feathered feet breeds? Let's make this a bit of a chat! I know myself that feathered feet are pron for getting soiled very quickly witch has turned me off slightly. Yet there are so many great FF breeds. What do peeps think? FF=Feather Footed
  4. FathertoFeathers

    Are these breeds any good??

    Im looking at breeds of chickens to order for the spring but need help with some breeds if you've had any of the following let me know your thoughts on them! Jersey Giant Polish Silkie Brahma Wyandotte How are their egg production? Temperament? Personality? Any other comments on the breed?
  5. TwentyOneChickens

    Choosing duck breeds

    So, I'm learning more about ducks every day. I am looking into getting ducks in a few years. I need to choose breeds, though. I don't want meat ducks, and eggs aren't necessary but I'm not against them. The main reason I might keep ducks is because I think they will be nice pets to keep around...
  6. rosemarysugar

    Favorite Breed?

    Hey, this is just a fun random post! Comment what your favorite chicken breed personality-wise is and make sure to vote!
  7. Egg-Cellent Eggs

    I have no idea what the breeds of these two hens are!

    I have 13 chickens. 2 of the hens, I have no idea of their breed. . The hens are really pretty. One is white with black spots, the other is like a copper brown with silver bluish coloring on wings and tail. Can you help? Thanks!
  8. MissMarple

    Talk to me about your favorite quail!

    I've been bitten by the bug now and as my fine, feathery friends are growing up nicely, I'm already making plans for the Spring. These plans are looking like they're going to include quail. So, all you quail-lovers, tell me a few things... What are your favorite breeds and why? Hatching eggs...
  9. M

    She's a he...

    I'm new to all this and I thought we had everyone figured out. My hens just started laying, so it's very exciting for me. So I'm looking up which eggs go with which hen, color wise. I realize that my black langshan hasnt laid any eggs. My dad has been saying for a while that Shadow was a boy but...
  10. BestDiscoMan13

    What’s better chickens or ducks?

    What’s your favorite Chickens or Ducks? What’s better chickens or ducks? Comment down below what you think and why. describe in detail why you prefer one over the other. Feel free to vote!
  11. PNWhens

    How did you get started in shows?

    Curious about shows and interested in how people started getting evolved with them. Not sure if any of my gals are show worthy but would like to see what kind of chickens 'qualify'!
  12. DeanBaugh

    2020 4h projects

    I’m in 4h and I’m looking to narrow down my breeds I also show at a few local shows i have Chickens 7 Cochins bantams 2 OEGB 5 silkies 1 Wyandotte bantam 1 Dutch bantam cross 1 Ayam Cemani 10 layers Ducks 2 call ducks 1 pekin 1 silver appleyard I’m really enjoying the Cochins silkies oegb...
  13. Degg1121

    Mixing breeds

    so, after four of my babies passed, I’d like to get more to keep my other four company. I have three sapphire gems and one Brahma rooster (I think he’s a rooster anyway). I’d like to get some Easter Eggers and maybe some other cool breeds. I love all different kinds of chickens and colorful...
  14. FathertoFeathers

    Duck Breeds

    I have a list of duck breeds the I'm interested in getting but I need people who have these breeds to tell me how they do. 1. Cayugas 2. Silver Appleyards 3. Magpies 4. Buff orpington 5. Saxony 6. Welsh Harlequins 7. Crested What are the pros and cons of these breeds? Which ones are good for...
  15. bellamoran27

    the breed of this duckling?

  16. Beccazon

    Your go-to online hatchery...

    Ok. I have one local farm store I like for chicks but they of course carry only in spring for a short while. I would like to order some in the year other than during spring for one month lol. I have heard many hatchery names here on the site. I would like to know who you use and why. And where...
  17. tuesdaylove

    What breeds/genders are my new chickens?

    Hey y'all! First, I'm on mobile so apologies if the format looks wonky. I just picked up five new birds yesterday. The guys I got them from had probably a hundred young birds, bantam and LF, running around the yard. They said the birds were all roughly the same age, hatched from March through...
  18. M

    Breed identification help

    Wasn't there when picking up my babies who are getting bigger by the day, anyone know what breeds these are?! I am not entirely sure. Thanks in advanced.
  19. littlefarmgirl9

    What color eggs do your hens lay?

    Hey everyone! This thread is for all who want to know the color of certain breeds’ eggs. Feel free to post pics of your prettiest eggs alongside the chicken breed that laid them. Maybe we’ll see some pink eggs! Have fun! (: This egg is from my Ameraucana hen, Cocoa.
  20. 2Pecktherooster

    New to Chickens

    Hi, I'm Aya and I have 5 bantams. I don't know all of the breeds, but I know one is a silkie (so if anyone wants to help me ID the rest I would really appreciate it). My profile pic is one that turned out to be a rooster, his name is 2Peck and he's my favorite. I am not technically allowed to...
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