1. R

    Breeds, winter hardy, egg production

    We are planning to have 10 chickens plus 1 rooster. Winter hardy and heavy egg layers. So far we are considering 2-3 each of these: - barred rock - australorp - Orpington (color?) - Wyandotte (color?) - Rhode Island Red Which rooster out of these breed would be a good choice? Any input/comment...
  2. PioneerChicks

    Bickering Breeds - thread collection

    Here is the collection of bickering breed threads. If you have a new one, post the link here! Let's try to keep only the links here, and the actual breed arguments in their own threads. Please vote and enjoy! Cochins vs. Orpingtons...
  3. ChickieLinda


  4. Bluethehen

    Advice on choosing quail

    i've been wanting to start up a small flock of quil again. For pets mostly but also for eggs. three years ago i had a flock of coturnix quail and although i enjoyed them and they gave lots of eggs, they were quite problematic and not what i was looking for in quail. does anyone know what kinds...
  5. aamyu

    Beginner breeds

    What breeds would you best suggest for a beginner living in the city and why?
  6. Sycamore Hill Chicks

    What's Your Favorite Breed?

    Hi! I'm curious to see what other people's favorite chicken breed is. Though every chicken is diferent, I would have to say my four girls, who are BOs.
  7. PioneerChicks

    Looking for breed suggestions for friend

    I know there are a lot of threads like these, and I think I have this figured out, but I'll post anyways. I am looking for breed suggestions for a friend. These are her requirements: Great layers Good in confinement Good for newbies All-climates hardy Not amazingly common, but not rare...
  8. WalnutTree

    Worst Breeds You've Had

    What are the worst chicken breeds you've ever owned? It can be stories from you, family, or friends. Please share your thoughts and experiences! This is a free space, so be free to hate, complain, and voice your opinion on your worst breed. There isn't a lot of "Worst Breeds" Threads out...
  9. C

    4 months old mixed breed-Are they all roosters?

    All just turned 4 months old and I'm guessing based on their tails that they are all roosters. Can anyone confirm? Different angle of the fella shown above: Thanks!
  10. ChickChic00

    What Breeds Laid These Eggs?

    A friend of mine that lives a bit away gave me some eggs to hatch, I do not know what kind of chickens she has not do I have any pictures of her chickens. Any help would be appreciated!!
  11. New Black Hens.jpg

    New Black Hens.jpg

    We just adopted these two black hens. Does anyone know what breed they are? Their legs are the same color as an Ameraucana.
  12. CHlCKEN

    Ducks? Help me figure out what breed is right for me!

    The first time I raised ducks, I raised Pekins (like any first-time duck owner does) as they say they are “very friendly” it had turned out to be quite the opposite, they shyed away, and during the winter months when I put them up in the warm barn, it was difficult to catch them. Then I trie the...
  13. TJ

    Best Standard Rooster Breed?

    Hello, I am thinking of putting together a chick order once we finish renovating our chicken house and run. I am wanting a large, pretty, docile, friendly and preferably feather footed rooster. With that being said, what breed of rooster do you recommend? Thank you! tj
  14. OneHappyRooster

    Are Cuckoo Marans Auto Sexing?

    So I have a Cuckoo Maran chick, and I thought I heard about them being auto sexing? I am interested to know if this is true or not. It said that the girls have a distinguishable white spot on the heads, whereas the boy's spots aren't as clear. Also something about boys being darker? My Cuckoo...
  15. A

    8 wks, black and no tail feathers. What is it??

    I have a 8 week old bird who has been slow to develop. Smallest of the flock and stayed fuzzy forever. Finally is growing out its feathers and still is not developing any tail feathers!! Orange comb but red waddles Had grey belly and neck when small but that's disappearing quickly. Dark legs...
  16. A

    Help! New chick mom.. straight run mix

    I'm a chicken newbie and bought 5 straight run chicks off a local farmer. They are 8 weeks old. Are they ready to go outside if I have a well protected coop and run? Any idea on breeds and gender? I'm assuming I have at least 1 Roo.. how many hens should I have per roo to keep everyone happy...
  17. Hundleyfarm

    Chick breeds

    I know it’s hard to tell but I’m so new at this, I just hatched these chicks and I’m wondering how you can tell the breed
  18. KaLe dA QuAiL

    Pansy, grau fee, and Falb fee quail questions

    Does anyone know what breeds of quail you would breed to get a pansy, Grau fee, or Falb fee? I have female tibetan, schoefield silver (it looks like a tuxedo except silver cape), Texas a&m, tuxedos. The males are two rosettas, and one tuxedo. Thanks :)
  19. KaLe dA QuAiL

    Quail Breeds

    does anyone have any pictures of pansy quails as chicks? Falb fee quail chicks, grau fee, or schoefield silver chicks? just wanted to know how they look. I'm planning on breeding some of my birds sometime in the late spring/ early summer and it would be cool to know what kind of bird they are :)
  20. ChickChic00

    Blue Copper Marans and Easter Eggers

    So I have a couple questions. If you breed two Easter Eggers together and let's say they have the same egg color gene, could you sell the offspring as Easter Eggers? Ikow they are a breed. Also, what would happen if you breed a Lavender Orpington rooster over a Blue Copper Marans hen what would...
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