1. M

    Cross Breeding, Very diverse flock

    We currently have Drakes- Khaki Campbell 2 Blue Swedish Welsh harlequin Hens- Silver swedish Black Swedish Cayuga Welsh harlequin 2 blue runners Fawn and white runner Buff Saxony Golden 300 Silver appleyard Rouen We have a very mixed flock, I was curious if I could get any insight on what...
  2. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    Let's Get To Know Each Other's Flock's Better!! Part 1.

    Let's get to know each other's flocks better!! This this is for BYC members and guests to get to each other and their flocks better, Part 1. When I say "Part 1", I mean this is doing to be a serious of threads and polls. And this is the first one. So, to begin, what species of poultry (and...
  3. Gizmo Carp

    Favourite Duck Breed Poll

    Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun if I posted a poll about the best duck breed. You guys can just choose your favourite all around breed, for whatever reason you guys see fit. Maybe they are good layers or they have good personalities? I thought it might be fun to have a poll for this...
  4. FluffTheDuck

    need help figuring out whos the mom

    one of our silkie eggs hatched today, (i was letting our silkies hatch them) but i need help figuring out who the mom is. we have a white silkie rooster, a female white silkie, a female brown silkie and a female black silkie with no feathers on her neck (my friend told me shes a showgirl? 🤷‍♀️)...
  5. M

    How long should I isolate a breed to make sure their babies are of that kind?

    Hi! I have 2 breeds of chickens: Lavender Orpingtons and Black Marans. They all commingle together as a big family. Each of the breeds have a rooster so I have 2 roosters total. I'd like to know how long do I need to isolate one breed to make sure that the fertile eggs are of that specific...
  6. -Flash-

    Chicken Sexing Project

    One of the first threads I read on this website was the thread 'CHICK SEXING PROJECT', started by @Direchicken. I thought it was a great idea. But @Direchicken hadn't continued it. I would like to start another chicken sexing project, so can you post pictures of you youngsters as they grow up...
  7. I

    Help knowing what roosters these are

    I need help knowing what kid of roosters I have!! To the left (behind the grey chickens) is Kung POW and to the right the big ol rooster is demolition. If you know these breeds please let me know thank you!!
  8. X

    My Ducklings Have Feathers on Their Legs!?

    Hey so, I am new to keeping ducks but not to chickens as I've had those before ducks. Currently has 9 ducklings, just about a month old by now. Previously had 10, casaulty to disease. Two different breeds, 4 silver appleyards and 5 welsh harlequins. Used to have 5 silver appleyards. They are all...
  9. W

    What breeds are these mixed bantams from the feed store?

    Hi! I put three bantams on hold at the feed store to add to my flock, and these are what they set aside for me. What breeds do I have here? And if any of them are sexable by color, let me know that too! Thanks!
  10. KaliFox

    Rock Springs Wyoming new to chickens!

    Hi all! Been researching the whole of homesteading really for a while, (my boyfriend and I have a dream of buying land in Saratoga) I digress, chickens became a fascination for me and as it turns out, I’m perfectly in a spot where I live on the actual EDGE of town and have the coolest landlord...
  11. J

    First time chicken mama trying to figure out sex/breeds

    Hi everyone, i have recently took in 8 little day old chicks. They have now hit the 5 week mark and i am curious about their breeds. I dont know very much about chickens, learning as i go. This site has already helped a lot. I am also wondering how many roosters i have. I have 2 that i am pretty...
  12. Joyfillednomads

    Starting Over with a Single Specialty Breed

    Our chickens weren't the breeds we were "Sold" And after we realized this... I wanted to cull and start over. But the time in & everything into our little Flock, my husband was attached. They were never supposed to be pets, just egg layers and dinner. We got a mixed little flock of several...
  13. FuzzyOwlFeet

    What breed of rooster would match this color?

    Not sure I titled this correctly, but I have a lovely EE/Barnyard Mix hen who is reaching the end of her laying days. She is over 7 years old. I just hatched an adorable chick from her, but so far it appears to have taken all it's father's looks. Which I mostly expected, he is pure black. I...
  14. Top 6 Favorite Chicken Breeds - From MapleValleyAcres

    Top 6 Favorite Chicken Breeds - From MapleValleyAcres

    There are tons of Breeds of Chickens out there, I know. But I just wanted to make a quick article on my top 6 personal favorite breeds of chickens. #1) Easter Eggers- Fabulous Layers, Lays either a pink, blue, or teal medium sized egg, very sweet, mellow tempered birds, Occasionally Broody...
  15. nugget-tn

    Hello… I’m here here! Go easy on me!

    Hello, Can anyone help me identify some breeds I have:
  16. eclectic-em

    How to classify the shank color, primary, secondary colors of my roo?

    Hello! Warning: genetics questions! I've got a mystery chicken and have been obsessing over chicken genetics trying to figure out what breeds my boy may be. He's got a cushion comb and came from a green egg so the mother must have had the pea comb gene and roo probably had a rose comb. That's...
  17. Chxlove

    Golden Comet or Starlight Green Egger?

    Just acquired a few new 7-8 week olds to my flock and I'm questioning the breeds. I was told the left 2 are Starlight Green Eggers, middle is a buff Orpington, next is unknown or possibly Golden Comet, and last is BR which is obvious. The buff looks nothing like my 2 buffs so I don't think she's...
  18. TheOddOneOut

    Odd’s thread of names! (I can suggest names for individual birds, too!)

    Okay! For anyone who is looking to name birds, there is now a thread! Some people know that I am good at giving pretty, fitting names to birds. My own bird’s names: Everest, Melody, Pepper, June Bug, Nutmeg, Amber, Vanilla, Firefly, Salt, and Blue. I really love naming things, and believe I am...
  19. Granny Gwenda

    Does anyone know what breed my chicks are?

    So, a day ago a got three lil’ chicks, however I don’t know their breed or age, but I was able to guess their genders. The black is named Mocha and she’s a girl, the one with a brown stripe across her head and back is Michu and she’s also a girl, and the last one, the yellow one is named Chichi...
  20. LukebotTectonic

    List of all the breeds in the world?

    I don't mean like, every single one of them, but a really in-depth list would be nice. I've seen lots of lists but they're always missing ones and I always learn about new ones the next day that weren't on that list. If anyone knows where theres an in-depth chicken breed list that has most of...
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