1. E

    What breeds have this color?

    E^Wh/E^Wh & Mh/Mh red everything else is default.
  2. T

    Advice on breeds of various poultry

    This seemed like the best place for this, but if there is a better one, Mods feel free to move it :) I am looking to create a mixed poultry flock (for eggs, meat, and fat) for a (future) homestead, and I wanted to get first-hand experience and/or research tips from y'all on species and breeds...
  3. MamaPoult

    Death Layers?

    Hi! I'm trying to learn about this breed because I might like to get some! I'd appreciate any knowledge on the breed😁 thanks!
  4. GlicksChicks

    Poultry/Fowl Raising Simplicity Easiest to Hardest?

    I am planning on having a variety of different poultry/fowl and I want to work up from the simplest to the more complicated species. At the moment I only have chickens. I want to go one species at a time and get those established and feel like I have a grip on their care and then start with...
  5. lissasmomma1

    How does my showgirl roo have pink skin?

    hi everyone. Just a quick question. I got a showgirl roo off of Facebook. And I was immediately attracted to him because instead of having black skin he had pink skin which made him look beautiful I'm not a fan of the black skin so girl chickens I just think they look ewe. But anyways, I'm...
  6. F

    Age and breed?

    I've got 5 new mystery chicks, when I went to the little store I bought them from the lady said that they were "bantams"- tbh i own a bantam and dont remember her being quite this big as a chick lol, plus this lady was clearly a friend looking over the store temporarily. They all have lil tail...
  7. Exploring the World of Chickens: A Guide to Different Breeds and Their Pros and Cons

    Exploring the World of Chickens: A Guide to Different Breeds and Their Pros and Cons

    Chickens are some of the most versatile and beloved domesticated animals, serving as sources of food, companionship, and even pest control in many parts of the world. With a wide variety of breeds available, each possessing unique characteristics and traits, choosing the right type of chicken...
  8. R

    Reputation of White Leghorn hens?

    I have 4 docile hens: buff orpington, back australorp, blue laced red wyandotte, and an EE. I would like to get a white hen just to add color to my flock. I hear that White Leghorn roosters are noisy and aggressive. I live in the suburbs and dont want to upset me neighbors. Are WL hens also...
  9. R

    At what age do chicks get their full adult colors?

    I haved a wyandotte, Easter Egger, and a buff orpington. My first two dont have what I would consider distinguishable coloring to their feathers at 1.5 months old. I am curious as to what they will look like as adult hens. When will they get their full coloring and feather patterning?
  10. 2

    Definitely Not Important …

    Just a note. I have a Barred Rock and a Cuckoo Marans in my small flock. Everyone is 11 weeks old. I was calling the Cuckoo “Stumpy” because her tail is very short, always has been. The only differences between the two are the tail feathers and that Stumpy’s pattern has been more muted the...
  11. bacibeau

    Which Chicks Should I Get for my Broody Hen

    Right now, I have 3 Speckled Sussex and 1 Buff Orpington and one of the Sussex is broody so we are getting her two chicks to raise. We have the choice between Road Island Reds or Easter Eggers but are unsure which to get? Do we get 2 RIRs, 2 Easter Eggers, or 1 of each? We are looking for...
  12. AndreaR4

    Best Southern Missouri Breeds

    Hi! I'm moving to Southern Missouri and I'm wondering what breeds to raise, do I look for cold hardy or heat hardy chickens? I love Orpingtons, Wyandottes, Ameraucaunas, Speckled Sussex, but am wondering if they fit best further North? Thanks!
  13. C

    Show off your feathered family!

    Making this thread so you can show off your peeps! Post pics and there breeds or mixes! I would also love to see cool crosses! Also hoping to get some inspo on some more potential breeds I love seeing them! Here’s some of ours! 1) we have our Rooster who is an EE I think brown red ameracauna...
  14. B

    Is this an official breed or a plain ole crossbred chicken

    Hello all, First, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have recently started hatching chicks, both naturally and in an incubator. I have had many chicks hatch, but all of the chicks look identical, if they came from the same mother. I was under the assumption that the chicks...
  15. ChickChic00

    Chickens and Dogs

    I am looking to buy 2 puppies at 8 weeks age hopefully, and put them in the pen with our chickens. I have two Chihuahuas that guard the outside of the pen, and a lab mix that watches and guard the whole 5 acres. What breed should I get to raise around the chickens, and safely have it running...
  16. C

    What does tractor supply consider EE?

    I’m just curious if tractor supply “Easter eggers” are just all breeds that lay various color eggs, The older my chicks get I think I have at least 3 wyandottes, a barred rock or Cochin mix and maybe some classic “Easter eggers” I’m really excited about the variety but the older they get the...
  17. hannahsocal

    How to tell the difference between California white leghorns and white leghorns?

    Just as the question says! :) How can you tell the difference between these two breeds since they look basically identical?
  18. LhickenChicken

    What breed is this hen

    I got a hen from someone and they didn't give me the breed. She is gray with a few white specks on her and lays WHITE eggs. I have another hen that is a prairie bluebell egger but she's inbred and most likely related to the hen who lays white eggs. I will get a picture later on but I keep...
  19. ChickChic00

    Breed Guess

    If you had to guess what breed these two were, what would they be?
  20. EnnieM

    Colored Egger Project Breeding

    hey guys! so i’m just looking for some input, outside of my own brainstorming. feel free to pm me if you don’t want to give away your secrets publicly. 😉 i’m preparing to start a project, creating my own breeds of colored eggers. shooting for all green shades, may mess around with blue but only...
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