Hello, My name is Lynn and I am addicted.....


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Apr 14, 2013
Greetings fromt the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York! I have been wanting to raise chickens for many years, it has just taken that long to convince my husband!

We are converting an 8x8 fishing shanty (that he built way too big-LOL!) into our new coop. My daughter has dubbed it our "Chicken~Shanty".

I just ordered out new little girls this past weekend. We are starting big! I ordered 5 each of Rhode Island Reds, Speckled Sussex, and Barred Plymouth Rocks! I am hoping to get tons of eggs that I can offer to our small rural community. Hopefull the sale fo some of these eggs will help offset the cost of raising the girls.

I am looking forward to getting to know many of you and learning as much as I can about our new adventure!
Greetings from Kansas, Lynn, and
! Pleased you joined us!! 15 is a good number for your 8 x 8 chicken shanty as it is recommended that each bird have 4 sq. ft. each of coop space. A great place to start your chicken education is the Learning Center below - it will tell you what it takes from - chick to adult - be a a responsible poultry keeper. Good luck and enjoy the ride!!

Hi Lynn,
I'm a newbie as of today. My name is Tish and I should have started my intro with sharing my newest addiction. I too have wanted chickens for many years and was finally able to convince my sweet hubby. He surprised me with them while I was sleeping ( I work 12hr noc shift as an OB nurse) with a cage of 5 chicks in my bedroom when I woke up! They are my Happy Easter gift. I am in love with my new babies. And my awesome hubby of course!
It will be nice to get to know you and all of our fellow "addicts".
I think my hubby is giving in to give me something to stop pestering him about. I started talking about wanting some little chicks YEARS ago, since then the fever caught on to three friends and even my sister! I have been so jealous! I was the one that wanted them first! LOL!

Hubby has been so wonderful about letting me have his shanty! Like he has three and one temporary one! Why he needs that many shanties is beyond me! But I don't mind now that I get the biggest one! I guess is was just too much work to haul and set up-he he.

I have been researching coops, birds, etc for months now. I just need to decide on how to set up the inside of the coop. I know that I want a separate walled or chicken wired off area for supplies to be kept. I also want nest boxes that I can access from outside the coop. My overall plan is to set EVERYTHING up so that it is super easy to take care of so when we do go away someone would just have to come and collect eggs and let the girls in and out! They would be able to keep the eggs and share just for helping out while we were gone!

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