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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Cammy, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Cammy

    Cammy New Egg

    Oct 15, 2011
    Hey all,
    This is my first time on this forum. I wouldn't say I am a novice back yard chicken owner, BUUUTTTTT I have a lot to learn. I started a backyard chicken experiment a few years ago. Then my life changed and I had to give them up. Then my life changed again and today I started my second back yard flock.

    I have one barred rock, one aracauna, and one silkie.

    I think they may have mites but I am not sure my husband "thinks" he saw something. I can't see anything.

    We kinda live on the prarie so I will watch for predators but we have basically just put them in a double chain link dog pen.

    The aracuana keeps stretching her neck really long and making a noise that is not quite a cluck, I am wondering if their is something wrong with her. And the silky is really shy so far.

    If it looks like I can keep them safe and healthy I will grow the flock some, time will tell.

    I am really looking forward to being on this forum I hope I can be a help to others and I know I will need lots of advice.

  2. Chickenmumma

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Welcome Cammy!

    I'm also new to the chicken thing. I got 2 Australorp crosses in April and have hand raised them from day old. They are the most beautiful pets, way friendlier than my cat. One is sick at the moment so I have to shove a big pink tablet down her throat twice a day but she barely struggles.

    We bought a flat-pack coop for them off ebay but have decided it's too small so this weekend has been dedicated to building a new fox-proof chook mansion. Watch out for foxes if you live out of town - they are very sly and will find your girls sooner or later. I live in a suburb of Melbourne (Australia) and a fox has gotten into our little suburban backyard at least twice!! I wanted my girls to free range but am too afraid they'll get eaten. Hence the new mansion.

    Other than foxes and vet bills we're loving the whole experience and hope you do too!!
  3. Lollipop

    Lollipop Chillin' With My Peeps

    And another big Welcome, Cammy. Read, read, read. More info here than you can ask about. And don`t be shy........Pop
  4. CrestedGirl

    CrestedGirl Polish Obsessed

    Mar 7, 2011
    Fort Worth, Tx
  5. Egg Rookie 2010

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    Jun 21, 2010
    North Idaho
    Hi Cammy! Welcome! I love BYC. I read read read for moths before I built the coop or got birds and still every day. Great info!
  6. AlabamaChickenLady

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    Jan 4, 2011
    Oak Grove, Alabama
    [​IMG] Hi Cammy, welcome to BYC. I love this site!! Just read, read, and read some more. Don't be shy about asking questions either. [​IMG]
  7. chickschool

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    Mar 5, 2011
    Traverse City, MI
    Welcome Cammy,[​IMG]

    I agree with everyone else about read, read, read and don't be afraid to ask questions. I've asked soooo many questions and have learned soooo much from many seasoned owners.[​IMG] Sometimes I feel like it might be something I should know (i.e. stupid) but everyone is so nice and has never made me feel "stupid" What's the old saying?...[​IMG] I have 2 silkies, 1 americana, 1 chocolate runner duck and 1 white crested duck. I've raised all of them from a day old or so and they are all extremely tame. Give them time and I bet they'll all come around.

    Good Luck!
  8. KandiandJerry

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    Welcome to the forum Cammy................. Lots of great people and always someone to answer questions you may have........
  9. Cammy

    Cammy New Egg

    Oct 15, 2011
    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

    Chickschool, I see your pix and saw where you said you have a silkie. How are those types this is my first one and I haven't been able to find much about them so far. truthfully I haven't had the time to do much searching yet. I found one post that said they were mysterious and had medicinal quailities, but you had to eat em to get the mysterious medicinal quailities LOL I can't eat anything I have looked in the eye, so thats a bust. LOL

    This new girl seems very shy and she is much smaller then my other two (aracuana and barred rock) and they are pecking her some. I just wondered what the breed was like in personality.


    PS: your pic of the silky and the duck is adorable.
  10. ChickenGirl165

    ChickenGirl165 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sep 7, 2011

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