Hello! So glad to have joined, BYC has been so helpful over the years!


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May 31, 2020
My name is Rikki, I have had chickens for about 7 years now. We had friends that had chickens and they seemed so fun and the thought of healthier eggs from our own chickens was amazing to me! So we built a coop and I’ve had them since! The whole family loves them, we sit out by the coop and watch them. I have
A golden laced Wyandotte 7 years old
2 cuckoo marans 3 years old and crazy!
3 silver laced Wyandotte’s 2 mos
2 EE 2 mos
6 blue ameraucanas 4 weeks
A black jersey giant 4 weeks
And a black and white Brahma possibly, not sure, that’s why I joined so I could get y’alls opinion on her!
I ordered a mix of laying eggs from a hatchery, thought it would be fun to figure out what we got lol. I’ll post a thread for that though.
I have been reading things from BYC for years and have gotten a ton of help. I just found y’all online when I searched anything about chickens! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how many roosters I have lol sitting staring at combs and leg size and feathers lol thanks for all the help!

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