Hello to all, Newbie here from Kentucky


9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
I'm Roy from Kentucky and don't own a chicken, but would like to someday! I grew up on a dairy farm and have worked in the livestock business now for over 35 years. Been married to the same great gal for 34 years, have 3 children and two grandchildren. I have raised beagles and other hunting dogs for over 30 years but it's getting harder and harder to follow them every year, figured if I had a few chickens in the backyard the wife and I could set out and watch them instead of listening to the dogs bark!
My wife isn't really thrilled yet at the idea of the chickens but I think she is warming up to it!
I have a lot of questions about the chicken business so I thought this might just be the place to get all the answers.

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