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Jul 24, 2016
Good morning BYC members
My name's Jan and we have 9 chickens at the moment. Five are ex-battery girls and the others are assorted hens brought in by my husband.

I'm 65, married and have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Husband and I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. We also have 5 rescue dogs and 9 cats. Several rabbits and 2 guinea pigs and assorted budgies plus 2 pairs of lovebirds!!

One of our hens - a cream legbar - was found on the floor when I went to shut the coops for the night a while ago. She was making a grunting/snoring noise and couldn't stand up properly.

Over the last 20 days she has visited the vets 3 times. The initial diagnosis was an air sac infection so she was given an injection and some extra Baytril to put in her water. The infection has cleared but she still can't stand - she keels over as if she is drunk when she tries to put one of her legs to the floor. The second trip to the vets she was given more Baytril and it was suggested that she had an ear infection which was affecting her balance. We tried olive oil in her ears in case it was a mites problem but no luck.

The third trip - no improvement with the standing - the vet said she might have some nerve damage from the original infection (?) and gave her a steroid injection. That was last Saturday and there has been no improvement. As things stand she is due to be "put to sleep" - a euphamism if ever there was one - in 3 days time. She's eating and drinking normally, is doing normal poos, seems alert enough and we really don't want her to be killed if we can help it.

Has anyone had a similar problem with their hens? Please can anyone suggest other things we can try?

Thank you all
Hi Jan and welcome to BYC from a stones throw down the M1 (at the moment, at least) - great to have you onboard with us. I've not had a chicken with the symptoms you describe. If you post on the ER thread - https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/10/emergencies-diseases-injuries-and-cures I'm sure the experts will be able to help.

You may wish to join the UK threads



There's a few Tykes kicking around, so please feel at home.

Best wishes

Welcome...you have some great links to check out.

And, you must, you must, come check out the old folks home..not saying you are old yet..just a few yrs. older than me. We talk about all sorts of things, and of course, chickens, their predator problems, quilting, canning, chicken feed..you name, ha..come see!

Welcome to Backyard chickens Jan, so sorry you are having problems with your hen. If you post on the ER thread please do so in as much detail as possible. Even photos of her posture , may yield some clues. Hope she has the best possible outcome.

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