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Jul 22, 2016
Dublin, Ohio
Hello! My name is Tiffeny and I live in Dublin, Ohio. My family is new to backyard chickens. We have been raising them for a little over a year and have become addicted!! We currently have 14 chickens, several groups of different generations. We started with Buff Orpingtons, Red Island Reds, and a Blue Americana. We now have added a little of everything, easter eggers, jersey giant, white leghorn, golden buffs, barred rock....they are addicting. We have 3 boys, who LOVE the chickens and are great helpers when it comes to chicken chores. We also have a dog and 3 cats. We're animal lovers :) I look forward to reading all the posts in this group!
Hi Tiffany, welcome to BYC! Sounds like a fun flock! Thanks for joining us!
Hello there
! And welcome to our friendly and helpful community! There's so much to read up, and tons of great and helpful information on the site. Ask all your questions, some1s gotta answer em! A lot of knowledgable people in this community, make good use of it! Have much success with your colorfully fun flock!!

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