Gina Willis

Aug 25, 2019
Elliston, Virginia
Hello from Southwest Virginia. My name is Gina. New Chicken Momma here. I purchased 15 chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery in June.They arrived very safe and healthy. They threw in a free "mystery chick" that turned out to be a Buff Brahma cockerel. I have 5 Golden-laced Wyandotte pullets, 5 Silver-laced Wyandotte pullets, 4 Buff Orpington pullets ( I ordered 5 but oops, one turned out to be a cockerel. Shhh, he's my favorite. Big hunka hunka burning love lap chicken. Lol.) I also ordered a Golden-laced cockerel. They turn 12 weeks old tomorrow. We have a fantastic coop/run that my husband researched and built himself. We call it Fort Cluck because it's as predator proof as we can make it. My feather babies are spoiled rotten. I have learned a lot since starting this venture, but I still have a lot to learn. That's why I'm here, so y'all can be a great resource for me.
827FD99B-F387-4B35-BC6B-336CE52B39D2.jpeg 4745375A-DF30-4B7E-A549-365913ADBCB7.jpeg 67D275FD-CD2A-4682-A1C7-F9839A3DA975.jpeg 5E71DA93-BF7A-41BF-90F9-634DA05E0CD4.jpeg 2D5B8E3C-76A7-402F-A70F-DF82917953F8.jpeg 5E0D367D-3DCA-4FF4-B8B8-B3C1FE307DFA.jpeg DA9E29B1-B971-4623-A476-FE2AA75A7D44.jpeg Some of my babies.

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