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Jun 7, 2020
I’m a new bird owner.

for a long time I have always wanted chickens/bantams/quail which has thankfully come true.
I have three cute Japanese quail hens
They’re all about 5 months old.

Meet the flock


1. The one in the front is Bumblebee, she’s the most talkative and has a sweet personality. She’s almost broody every day lol.
2. The one in the middle is Optimus Prime, she’s very bossy and doesn’t like being held. However she loves food waaayyyy too much.
3. The one in the back is Moodyblues. She is super shy and probably the only quail in this flock who’s fairly wild. She doesn’t like being looked at, ngl she’s kinda like me.Yet she will sometimes come up to me wanting some yummy clovers.

Sometime later in the future I hope to own some bantams and chickens.

I get judged for this but I’d love a pet pigeon too 😂

Anyways these girls give me a purpose in life and I love them to death.

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