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Oct 16, 2021
Northwest PA on the NY border
Hello everyone, I'm new here and how to learn lots and here good stories from all of you chicken people. Here's a little about myself...

I just moved to my uncle old house with about 2 acres on the border of NY and PA. Not a farm, just an old house garage and a few other buildings. It's a bit over grown and in need of repair but it is good for me and my new chickens.
I started slow, 6 Isa Browns and 3 Bantams. (I know mistake but they were too cute and I only got 3) I made a mistake by getting more fed at tractor supply and the manager was looking to get rid of a'few'chicks before Easter. A dollar a piece of I took what was left. Sadly I only saw one bin of chicks, she gave me both. Six astralorp and 13 Buff orpingtons came home with me. I found a home for 6 roosters. So now my flock is 18 hens and 2 bantam roosters and one buff orpington rooster strong. Averaging 9 eggs a day. (Brownies are hiding some of them)

Nice to meet you all. Please be kind and helpful with any ideas and suggestions.



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May 11, 2010

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