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Oct 18, 2012
Hello everybody,
My name is Karen and my husband, David and I have been married for twenty-four years, live in the countryside of eastern PA, and have two children, Emily, 21 and Jeremy, 18. We homeschooled both children from preschool through high school and it was definitely an adventure. I got "pecked" by the chicken bug a few years ago and now have nine laying hens. They're a great small backyard flock. I started with 6 day old chicks, purchased from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio, in March of 2010. I chose a Black Australorp named Abigail, a Buff Orpington named Bea, a Delaware named Cordelia, a Barred Plymouth Rock named Sophie, a Rhode Island Red named Eleanor, and a New Hampshire named Penelope. I was madly in love with chicken keeping. The next March, I got 6 more day old babies to make an even dozen. This time, although I did get another Black Australorp named Annie and Buff Orpington named Emily, I also chose a few new breeds- I got a Speckled Sussex named Felicity, a Red Star named Claire, a Partridge Plymouth Rock named Phoebe, and a White Plymouth Rock named Lily ! Unfortunately, I did lose a few hens last year and this year, but Eleanor, Penelope, Lily, and my dear Cordelia will always be in my heart.
While we do not have a fenced in yard, we do like to let the little dears free roam in the backyard as often as weather permits. They LOVE it ! And, even though they tend to wander toward places I'd rather they not dig up, they pretty much know their boundaries. As you all know, every chicken has its own unique personality and little quirks that either endear them to you. As I mentioned above, my Cordelia was very special to me. She was the friendliest, quite an "in your face" hen, enjoyed sitting in my lap and chatting, and LOVED to nibble at my hair ! Being a Delaware hen, she was on the endangered list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. That made her all the more dear to me, and I hope to raise Delaware chickens one day. My husband's just not on the same page yet...he doesn't want a rooster ! Oh well, time will tell. In May, I actually bought an almost year old Delaware Hen from Half A Chance farm in NJ. She is now a happy member of my flock...if only I could decide on a proper name for her. My husband and son refer to her as Jersy Girl ! UGH !!
When I'm not tending my flock, I enjoy reading, writing, bird watching, cooking and baking, watching old movies, and fishing the day away with my sweetheart in Grampop's old rowboat !
I look forward to getting to know all of you and sharing many wonderful chicken stories together !
God bless,
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Hi all, I'm pretty new to chickens so am hoping for some general tips and info.
I have a Ko Shamo cockerel, Harry, who lives indoors on my narrow boat and is the tamest little guy ever. I have just got two Silkies, Steve and Susan, who are very free range in my house (asleep on the settee at the moment). I'm planning to house train Steve and Sue at some point soon but at the moment they are still quite flighty (they only moved in 3 days ago) although they will tolerate sitting on my lap for a while - once I've caught them - and have starting taking corn from my hand today so I think we're bonding?!
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I wanne see pictures of grandpop's old rowboat. And your chickens, of course.

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