5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
Eastern Washington
Hi! I'm J.J. from eastern Washington. I have a flock of mixed layers, one white crested blue polish bantam, and a giant flock of seramas that I have collected from around the United States. PM me anytime to talk chicken! I hand raise all of my little beasties and they're all great little pets. My seramas are all selected and bred for temperament, health, and small size (even though I have a couple of "Big Birthas" hanging around) and I have them in silk, smooth, and frizzle. I have many colors and shapes, American and Ayam protos. The seramas are my favorite! This year I would like to try to locate some cuckoo serama hens for a project and a couple more silkied serama hens. First I need to work on selling a couple of pairs to make some room so my other half doesn't demand a divorce.
I'm also looking for a couple of LF laced or partridge brahma hens.
In my spare time I'm out in the garden, usually surrounded by a bunch of sassy peck pecks who insist that I'm out there to find them worms. They help me with the "raking", and with all of their little dirt bath holes who needs a tiller? Not to mention all of the free fertilizer!
Sometimes I get a couple of strawberries if I get lucky enough to find some that the chickens have missed!
Anyway, it's great to be here and I'm glad that there's a forum for like-minded chicken fanatics.

Welcome to BYC!

Sounds like you have very nice flock! But I wouldn't count on too many strawberries this year!

Good luck with your projects and we all welcome you to our flock!

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