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Apr 15, 2020
Hi everyone!!! My buff duck & Pekin duck have surprised us with baby ducklings!!! Now I’m really not quite sure what to do 🤔 they hatched yesterday and it looks like some may still be working their way out she’s is still sitting on the eggs and baby ducks. I got baby duck food I gave them a low water holder I haven’t taken the little ducks away from the mama and I don’t really I want too unless 100% needed the father is actually quite funny and is helping care for them! So I mean I guess I’m just asking for some general help here give me all you got! Thanks you everyone
If all is going well leave mama to it. Now watch dad because drakes have been know to kill ducklings even their own. Congrats on the ducklings post some pics when you can!


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How precious ❤ I have a mama duck right now with ducklings she’s doing a great job with them.

do you give them a pool or anything?? If I open up the door to allow mama to move around her little outside area should I be worried about the little ones?
If they can get through fencing yes. My mama has no desire to bring hers out yet I keep the coop closed up during the day until everyone wants to go in for the night then mama an ducklings have their own space inside so no one can mess with them. Or mama doesn’t kick some butt. We are going into snake season and we have large blk snakes that will eat ducklings. Don’t leave any water out they can get into but not out. I have an under bed storage container I put a large rock In side of then one on the outside so they can get in an out safely.
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