HELP! 1 yo chicken w/orange runny poo..........more issues....

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    Apr 17, 2009
    I just got (about a week ago) 2 chickens at a traders fair who are supposedly approx 1 year old. One of them has poo that is runny and an orange/rust color - no sign of worms or blood.......she is also stretching her neck out and opening her mouth with nothing coming out and it's getting worse. The other one seems perfectly healthy?
  2. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    I think she has something like a yeast infection
    she needs some medication

    I would guess E.coli

    My friend Nathalie Ross told me this on that suject:
    infection of E. coli (most
    likely case) then you can try putting some vitamin E in their feed.
    Vitamin E helps fix E. coli overpopulations. You know what else helps fight
    E. coli? Guess: b. bifidum. It secrets a substance that E. coli just
    can't stand. ?

    you can use a good probiotic once a week. I'd use it in food, not in the water, and keep the
    water absolutely clean.
    Keep ther bedding nice and dry, not
    necessarily always perfectly clean, but good and dry. The test is that if you
    can grab it and it clumps it's too wet. If it almost sticks together but falls apart if you even move in the least, it's ok.

    So, use good probiotics, use one that has both the Lactobacilum as well
    as bifidum for action against possible E. coli and against thrush, and
    make sure they're not too hot, not too cold, and are eating the correct protein feed.

    Glenda's help is
    Natural probiotic wet mash
    1/4 cup of crumbles
    1/2 cup of milk either sweet, sour, buttermilk
    2 tbsp of plain yoguart non flavored

    feed her this for 7 days
    keep her on 1 slice of bread
    milk and yoguart to moisin the bread good
    can drink the milk
    feed her this twice a day as only feed for 7 days
    put 1- 1000 mg soft capsule (cut tip off and put it in the bread mixture twice a day

    she will get okay if the E.coli is controlled by the vitamin E and natural probiotics.
    email me by PM for asny other problems

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