Help!!!! 2 broody hens and 3 eggs, 1 days from hatching

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    ive got 2 broody hens, a game hen and a dorking. Both have been good broods so far but we’re 1 Day from hatching and my 3rd half broody hen (buttercup chicken) I think killed one of the first hatchlings. And now both my broody hens are sitting in the same box. I removed the buttercup and put her with the rest of the flock. Now I’m not sure if it was one of the true broody hens or not. Do I move one of the eggs and one of the mamas now, or just remove one of the mamas from the area so it’s only 1 hen and 3 eggs. I should have done more research about actually hatching but I figured they would be good mommas.

    Buttercup the most aggressive of my flock. The Game hen is slightly more pecky and deff is higher on dominance than my dorking. Idk what to do but I don’t want to lose these last few chicks.

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    Separate the broodies from your flock. Put them in a different pen at night with the new chicks.
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    The eggs haven’t hatched yet, only 1 did and it died. The eggs are under the girls

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