HELP 3 day old chick won’t eat or drink!!


In the Brooder
Jun 8, 2020
It might just be a failure to thrive chick. Don't be too upset if it doesn't make it.
You can try putting a drop of molasses on your finger, holding it right on the tip of his bill, and let him drink it off. That will give him a good little boost.
What’s molasses? Il try anything at this point


Apr 15, 2020
Can the chick walk? You said it waddles back under the heat, is it splayed? I often leave a shallow food plate and water plate with a small part under the lip of the heat plate so they don’t have to leave the heat to eat and drink at first.

if you are offering food and water and it won’t take it, it has either been eating/drinking when you aren’t looking, or it is just one who won’t thrive and will waste away, or perhaps something is stuck in its crop. Does the crop feel full or empty?

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